• Best Prices in Website Design
    Best Prices in Website Design

    Affordable Web Design prices you will achieve a top-quality website with its own absolutely unique “face”...

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  • Best Innovative Seminars
    Best Innovative Seminars

    Take a look at our seminars on Internet of Things, Band Monetization, Telecommunication, Big Data, BSS/OSS, Video and more...

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Seminars & Trainings Seminars and trainings are designed in getting delegates to adapt to new technologies, finding the most effective, intuitive technology to be used to expand the business. read more
Seminars Include
  • Telecom & Data
  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data
  • BSS, IPTV 
Consulting and Design Welectel offers designs in the Telecom, Networking and Websites, which consist of complete end-to-end solutions from `concept-to-deployment`.read more
Designs Include
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Telecom
  • Web Design
  • Cross Platforms

From concept and design to implementation and maintenance, Welectel is your complete advisor

Telecom Networks

The IP-PBX operates in a pure IP environment, is based upon PC server technology, for both data and voice traffic.

iPBX Networks

Welectel designs, develops, delivers and markets best iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and HTML5 apps.

Smartphone apps

Welectel designs your website for maximum results from start to end after request specific information.

Web Design